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Harrison School District Two, Colorado

Evaluation Type
Combination Models

All Subjects

All Grades

Use of Evaluation


This program was developed by Harrison School District Two.

Product Description
Teachers in Harrison School District are participants in a pay-for-performance program that uses both student performance data and teacher observation data as part of an evaluation for compensation decisions. Principals conduct eight 10-15 minute observations per semester for probationary teachers and four observations for experienced teachers. Postobservation discussions between the teacher and principal are commonplace. The district uses the CSAP growth measures as evidence of student growth.

General Target Population Information
This program was developed for all teachers.

Stage of Teacher Development
All Stages

This program is used by Harrison 2 School District.

Research and Resources
No additional research or resources are currently available for this system.

The district estimates that the implementation of this system, including teacher salaries and bonuses, will cost approximately $1 million per year to operate.

Contact Information

1060 Harrison Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80905
Phone: 719-579-2000

Support Available
This system was not designed for commercial use, thus technical support is not available. Harrison School District Two may be available for consultation.