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Retaining Teacher Talent
Our comprehensive resources give leaders the tools they need to hire and retain effective teachers.

See what Gen Y teachers want from their profession.

Learning Point Associates selected as a Lead Partner and a Supporting Partner for the Illinois Partnership Zone. Learn more about our school turnaround and transformation services.

Project Showcase

High-performing and dramatically improving schools are led by strong principals. Our Quality School Leadership Identification process is your link to matching the right leader to your school.

In the News

A Learning Point Associates study finds playing The Stock Market Game™ yields substantial gains for student achievement in mathematics and financial literacy.

Read the EdWeek article on The Stock Market Game

Hot Off the Presses

Integrating Expanded Learning and School Reform Initiatives: Challenges and Strategies
Our new paper explains how expanded learning programs can play a lead role in reforming schools.

What's New

When the Common Core State Standards are released, will you be ready?
Join our two-day institute on May 5 and 6, 2010, to learn how to localize the Common Core State Standards and develop a plan for your state or district to align standards, assessments, and instructional practices.

Connecting Research to Practice
Connecting Research to Practice Our Research to Practice events provide opportunities for practitioners and policymakers to deepen their understanding of evidence-based research.


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