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New Haven Teacher Evaluation System

Evaluation Type
Classroom Observations
Student Performance Measures
Combination Models

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Use of Evaluation


This system was developed by New Haven Public Schools and the New Haven Federation of Teachers.

Product Description
The measures of the New Haven Evaluation System are as follows: (1) student performance outcomes measured by growth in student learning and attainment of academic goals (50 percent); (2) teacher instructional practice in the domains of planning and preparation, classroom practice, and reflection; and (3) teacher professional values addressing a set of characteristics including professionalism, collegiality, and high expectations for student learning. Based on these measures, teachers will be assigned a rating on a five-point scale: (1) Needs Improvement; (2) Developing; (3) Effective; (4) Strong, and (5) Exemplary.

General Target Population Information
This system was developed for New Haven teachers.

Stage of Teacher Development
All Stages

This system is used by teachers and administrators.

Research and Resources
No additional research or resources are currently available for this system.

Cost for the use of this product has not been disclosed.

Contact Information

Jessica Mayorga, Director of Communications
Phone: 203-946-7660

Michelle Wade, NHPS Director of Communications
Phone: 203-946-8450

Support Available
The school district provides ongoing evaluation and teacher support throughout the school year including goal-setting, classroom observation by administrators, coaching, coteaching, and feedback sessions.