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Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) (Growth model on standardized test scores)

Evaluation Type
Student Performance Measures

Mathematics specific
Language Arts specific

Elementary Grades only
Middle Grades only
High School Grades only

Use of Evaluation


This product was developed by Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA).

Product Description
MAP assessments are computer-adaptive tests that students take in the subjects of mathematics, language arts, and science. The tests can be given up to four times per year and are aligned with state standards. Teachers can use the test results to identify student needs and to meet those needs. The data from MAP tests can be displayed in several different ways. Primarily developed for student assessment, this product has promise for the formative development of teachers.

General Target Population Information
MAP assessments are online student assessments in the subjects of mathematics, language arts, reading, and science.

Stage of Teacher Development
All Stages

MAP tests are used by 3,400 school districts and educational partners. Poway Unified School District in southern California and Racine Unified School District in Racine, Wisconsin, are two examples. Further details of districts that use the MAP will be provided by the Northwest Evaluation Association if contacted at the address provided in the Contact Information section below.

Research and Resources

Northwest Evaluation Association. (2004). Reliability and validity estimates: NWEA achievement level tests and Measures of Academic Progress. Lake Oswego, OR: Author.

Additional information on the assessment design of MAP is available at

Training for using MAP can take place through online modules or in-person training. See

Contact Information

Northwest Evaluation Association Main Office
5885 SW Meadows Road, Suite 200
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
Phone: 503-624-1951
Fax: 503-639-7873

Interested parties can contact NWEL.

Support Available
There is a support website for districts, schools, and teachers who use MAP tests: