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New Mexico Three-Tiered Licensure System

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This system was developed by the University of New Mexico College of Education.

Product Description
The New Mexico Three-Tiered Licensure System is a tiered system in which teachers are required to earn advanced levels of licensure to continue teaching. The state uses a comprehensive portfolio assessment called a professional development dossier (PDD) to move teachers through the licensure process. The PDD requires information on classroom context, intructional records, instrucitonal resources, student work, and the analysis of student achievement.

General Target Population Information
This system was developed for use with early career teachers in New Mexico.

Stage of Teacher Development
Early Career Teachers

New Mexico Schools use the system.

Research and Resources
Evaluation materials, introductory synopses, and overviews can be found online at

This system was not developed for sale or marketing purposes.

Contact Information
University of New Mexico College of Education
MSC05-3040 1
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001
Phone: 505-277-2231

Support Available
Technical support for this product is currently unavailable. Individuals with the New Mexico Department of Education may offer consultation.