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Teaching As Leadership

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This product was developed by Teach For America.

Steven Farr and Teach For America wrote the book Teaching As Leadership.

Product Description
The Teaching As Leadership rubric was developed as a means for focusing discussion about teachers’ practices on components of practice that Teach For America believes are strongly linked to effective teaching and ambitious gains in student learning. The rubric addresses six main aspects of teaching: Set Big Goals, Plan Purposefully, Invest Students in Working Hard, Execute Effectively, Work Relentlessly, and Continuously Increase Effectiveness. Information about teachers’ practices are collected through video recordings of at least two complete lessons; interviews with teachers; student surveys; and a host of classroom artifacts: planning documents (e.g., lesson plans, unit plans, long-term plans, behavior management plans, calendars), assessment documents (e.g., quizzes, tests, answer keys, assessment plans), worksheets and samples of student work, as well as samples of parent outreach materials.

General Target Population Information
Teachers participating in Teach For America are formatively evaluated by the Teaching As Leadership framework. Steven Farr and Teach For America just published a book describing the framework for use by others.

Stage of Teacher Development
Teachers participating in Teach For America use the tool, but it can be used to evaluate any stage of teaching.

This assessment is used by Teach For America to examine the practice of their teachers.

Research and Resources
Research is currently under way.

The book Teaching As Leadership, describing the framework and providing resources is available from bookstores: it costs less than $20 on (

Contact Information
Andy Sokatch, Ph.D.
Vice President, Research
Teach For America
Phone: 347-346-3280

Support Available
The book Teaching As Leadership is available from bookstores. This book describes the framework and provides resources.