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Links to School Report Cards in 50 states

Center for Assessment

Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing (CRESST)

UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies
Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO)
Links to each state education agency web site; links to state accountability and indicator reports; state-by-state reports. Within this site is a section for Accountability Resources which includes direct links to CCSSO publications and resources from other organizations and individuals.
Education Commission of the States
This site has several sections on accountability including what the states are doing, recent state accountability legislation, and selected research and readings.
Education Trust
This site contains the Education Watch Interactive State and National Data Site and State Summaries.
ETS Policy Information Center
Series of reports on education policy topics informed by data analyses--such as graduation requirements, educational technology, advances in student assessment, class size, school violence and discipline.  Many of the reports draw on data from NAEP.
Evaluation Software Publishing
This is the site of a consulting firm, one of whose areas of expertise is indicator systems.
Learning Point Associates

National Association of Test Directors

This site contains the membership and other useful information of the school district personnel responsible for educational testing programs.
National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)
NAEP Report Cards, Release Items, Trends, and Cross-State Compendiums; a useful list of publications pertaining to TIMSS;  Condition of Education series of annual reports; Digest of Education Statistics.
U.S. Department of Education


School District Reports

The AERA Division H page identifies outstanding reports annually.

Published Reports and Papers

CCSSO Accountability Resources

Accountability and Indicators References

Linn, Robert L.  Standards-Based Accountablity: Ten Suggestions.  CRESST Policy Brief, UCLA Graduate School of Education, Los Angeles, 1999. 

Linn, Robert L.  The Design and Evaluation of Educational Assessment and Accountability Systems.  CSE Technical Report 539, UCLA Graduate School of Education, Los Angeles, 2001. 

Learning Point Associates—Data Systems and Data Use

Learning Point Associates. Beyond Testing: Assessment for Teaching and Learning
Two-CD set discussing perspectives on assessment to support teaching and learning. Features Sandra Feldman, Jay Matthews, Jim Pellegrino, Andy Porter, Martha Thurlow, and others. 2003.

Learning Point Associates. Data Exploration: A Journey to BetterTeaching and Learning
Video of two schools using data to drive instruction. 2004.

Palaich, R., Good G., and van der Ploeg, A. State Education Data Systems that Increase Learning and Improve Accountability Learning Point Associates Policy Issues 16, June 2004.

van der Ploeg, A. and Yeow Meng Thum. Finding Additional Value in New Accountability Systems Learning Point Associates, 2004

State-by-State Profiles

CCSSO State Education Indicators

Accountability Related Papers and Symposia from AERA 2005 Annual Meeting

Note: Following are resulsts of a search of the Annual Meeting Program (which had an Accountability theme) for papers and symposia titles that addressed NCLB State Accountability or addressed consequences and effects of Accountability. Below is an abstract of the titles that we selected. To obtain the complete paper, you can go to the AERA website below to contact the author(s) by e-mail.

Accountability and Assessment for all Students

Validating Alternate Assessment Systems: Methods and Results from Vermont's Longitudinal Validation Study, Lizanne DeStefano, University of Illinois; Susan Hasazi, University of Vermont; Michael Hock, Vermont State Department of Education; and Herman W. Meyers, University of Vermont

Accountability and Other Policy Pressures on Teaching

Problematizing Accountability, Pamela J. Keating

High Stakes Testing and Classroom Practice: Examining the Role of Race, Ethnicity, and Social Class, John B. Diamond, Harvard University

Assessment of Students with Disabilities: Accountability and Achievement

(Over)Referral and (Over)Identification in an Era of High Stakes Testing, Steve Chamberlain, University of Texas–Brownsville, Jaime H. Garcia, University of Texas–Brownsville

Accounting for the Performance of Students with Disabilities on Statewide Assessments, Kimber W. Malmgren, University of Wisconsin, Margaret McLaughlin, University of Maryland, Victor W. Nolet, Western Washington University, Katherine M Nagle, University of Maryland

Do Accountability Measures Add Up to Improvement?

High Schools Closing the Achievement Gap, Elliott Medrich, MPR Associates, Inc

High School Exit Examinations and NAEP Long-Term Trends in Reading, Mathematics and Science, 1970–2004, John R. Warren, University of Minnesota, Eric Grodsky, University of California–Davis

Broadband Accountability for High School Outcomes, John C. Larson, University of Maryland

Dual Standards of School Performance and Funding? Jaekyung Lee, SUNY–Buffalo

School Characteristics Effects on Growth of Academic Performance Index (API) Adopted by California Accountability System, Ying Hong Jiang, Azusa Pacific University, Ivy Yee-Sakamoto, Azusa Pacific University, Linda Chiang, Azusa Pacific University

Educating for Democracy and Diversity in an Era of Accountability

Testing or Investing? The Influence of Test-Based Accountability on Educational Opportunity, Linda Darling-Hammond, Stanford University

Accountability, Standards and Race Equality: Making Sense of Education Reform, David Gillborn, University of London

Empirical Investigations of Value-Added Modeling for Accountability

Designing School Accountability Indicators: Connecting Goals, Data, and Models, Yeow Meng Thum, University of California–Los Angeles

Evaluation of Accountability Systems and Impact on Schools

Using Test Scores for School-Level Accountability: Analyzing the Impact on Curriculum and Instructional Practices, Erika Stevenson, University of Iowa, Kris Waltman, University of Iowa, Michelle C. Croft, University of Iowa, Kyndra Middleton, University of Iowa

The Responsive Practices of School Leaders Under a Performance-Based Accountability Regime, Sonia Ben Jaafar, OISE/University of Toronto

An Analysis of Supplemental Educational Services Offered by External Providers to Students Eligible for NCLB Services, Daniel Ross Lawson, Azusa Pacific University, Gail Houghton, Azusa Pacific University, Christopher Quinn, Azusa Pacific University, Lillian M. Wehmeyer, Azusa Pacific University

Implementing Standards-Based Accountability: Results From Classrooms, Schools and Districts in Three States, Brian Stecher, RAND, Laura Hamilton, RAND, Mark A. Berends, Vanderbilt University, Mark Hanson, RAND, Julie Marsh, RAND, Scott Naftel, RAND, Abby Robyn, RAND, Jennifer Sloan McCombs, RAND, Jennifer Lin Russell, University of California–Berkeley

Improving Accountability Measures in Schools

Measuring Learning and Teaching Success: Developing More Effective Uses of Student Achievement Data (a), Kent Seidel, University of Cincinnati

Will the Real Effective School Please Stand Up? Comparing Schools Across Different "Effectiveness Indices", Connie Zumpf, Cherry Creek Schools, Kevin Matter, Cherry Creek Schools, Anne Trumbull, Cherry Creek Schools

Improving Teaching and Learning in Response to Accountability and NCLB

An Examination of the Relationship Between Teacher Content and Pedagogical Knowledge and Student EOG Mathematics Performance, Terry A. Ackerman, University of North Carolina–Greensboro, Deborah Jane Bartz, University of North Carolina–Greensboro

Subject Matters: How Accountability Impacts High School Math and English Departments, Dana Holland, University of Pennsylvania, Joy Anderson, University of Pennsylvania, Betheny M. Gross, Consortium For Policy Research In Educ.

The Implications of NCLB Accountability for Comprehensive School Reform, Kerstin A. Carlson Le Floch, American Institutes for Research, James Taylor, American Institutes for Research, Kerri Thomsen, American Institutes for Research

Implementing NCLB Provisions in Arizona: An Evaluation of Fifteen Alternative-to-Suspension Programs, Kris Bosworth, University of Arizona, Lysbeth Lauren Ford, University of Arizona

Valid and Appropriate Measures of School Effectiveness and Student Success for Alternative School Populations, Joy Wochenske Lewis, WestEd, Stanley N. Rabinowitz, WestEd

Influence of State Accountability Systems on School Improvement

Tightening the Reins? The Impact of State Accountability Systems on Teacher Control, Autonomy and Decision-making Betheny M. Gross, Consortium For Policy Research In Education, Richard Ingersoll, University of Pennsylvania, David A. Perda, University of Pennsylvania

Demography of Principal's Work: Content Validity of Kentucky's Standards and Indicators for School Improvement (SISI), Jane C. Lindle, Clemson University, Nancy Stalion, University of Kentucky Lu Young, University of Kentucky

Accountability and Educational Equity in the Transformation of One State, Fred C. Lunenburg, Sam Houston State University

A Comparison of Administrators' and Teachers' Perceptions of Florida's Accountability Program, Brett D. Jones, University of South Florida-St. Petersburg, Robert J. Egley, University of South Florida-St. Petersburg

State Accountability Systems: The Big Picture

In Search of School Quality and Accountability: Moving Beyond the California Academic Performance Index (API), Pete G. Goldschmidt, University of California-Los Angeles, Eva L. Baker, University of California–Los Angeles, Jose-Felipe Martinez-Fernandez, University of California–Los Angeles, Silvia Swigert, University of California–Los Angeles

Four Decades of Performance Evidence to Reform K–12 Education in Two States: Measures and Countermeasures, James G. Cibulka, University of Kentucky, Jane C. Lindle, Clemson University

The Low-Stakes Stance Towards Standardized Testing: An Adaptive Response to State and District Accountability, Hilary M. Loeb, University of Washington

The Florida A+ Plan: Behavioral Response and Performance Impact of Choice and Accountability

Systemic Effects of Competition on Student Outcomes, Cecilia Rouse, Princeton University, David Figlio, University of Florida, W. Bentley MacLeod, University of Southern California

Do Accountability Systems Lead to More Explicit Teacher Incentives?, Dan Goldhaber, University of Washington, David Figlio, University of Florida, Jane Hannaway, Urban Institute, Cecilia Rouse, Princeton University

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