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School Indicators, Profiles, and Accountability SIG

A service to members of the American
Educational Research Association

Our Purpose

The American Educational Research Association's Special Interest Group on School Indicators, Profiles, and Accountability was founded in 1994 to bring together educators, researchers, managers, and analysts concerned with the development, reporting, and interpretation of school indicators and report cards used for informing various audiences and for purposes of accountability. The SIG values investigations into, among others, meaningful measurement and assessment, data quality and fidelity, useful display and valid interpretation of indicators and data, and the relationship between accountability requirements and school improvement. Common indicators include student outcomes, curriculum, staff, school climate and conditions, demographics, finance, and the relationship of indicators to accountability. The SIG provides a forum for:
  1. Integration of theoretical and empirical studies of school indicator systems, including the impact on schools;
  2. Exchange of information and discussion of state, national, and international efforts toward developing, refining, and monitoring indicator and accountability systems;
  3. Exploration of innovative methods for collecting and reporting school indicators; and 
  4. Assessing implications of research for school indicator and accountability policy at local, state, national, and international levels.

We invite all AERA members with an interest in education indicators and accountability systems to join us. Currently, SIP:SIG members are mainly:  

  • Researchers in universities who study schools,
  • Managers and data specialists in states and districts,
  • Professional research staff of education organizations and federal agencies, and
  • Consultants in education working on indicator and accountability systems.