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Each month, an American Institutes for Research expert discusses the latest research and best practices on a pressing issue in education for the Audio Journal.

Click on the play buttons or the links to the MP3 versions to listen to the segments below.

Libi GillApril 2011
Download MP3 Version 4 MB MP3 (5:06)
Joel Knudson discusses the strategies emerging from the work with the California Collaborative on District Reform to create a strong district-level approach to improve the lowest-performing schools.

Libi GillMarch 2011
Download MP3 Version 4.1 MB MP3 (5:02)
Libi Gil describes a district's success in using the Response to Intervention approach to improve achievement for English Language Learners

Ellen Berhstock-SherrattFebruary 2011
Download MP3 Version 4.1 MB MP3 (5:02)
Ellen Behrstock-Sherratt discusses the practical strategies described in Improving Teacher Quality: A Guide for Education Leaders for recruiting and retaining the most effective teachers.

Joe HarrisJanuary 2010
Download MP3 Version 4.1 MB MP3 (5:02)
Joseph Harris, Director of the National High School Center at AIR, describes how school leaders can use the Center's Early Warning System Tool to uncover the issues contributing to school dropout and identify the students most at risk of dropping out.

Catherine BarbourDecember 2010
Download MP3 Version 7 MB MP3 (7:18)
Catherine Barbour describes the steps district and school staff can take to ensure that a school’s success does not hinge on a single leader.

Gretchen WeberNovember 2010
Download MP3 Version 5.9 MB MP3 (6:08)
Gretchen Weber describes how the performance management scorecard highlights the first steps to enhancing your teacher evaluation system

Jessica JohnsonOctober 2010
Download MP3 Version 7.5 MB MP3 (5:55)
Jessica Johnson provides strategies for successfully managing external providers to reach your school's or district’s objectives.

Jane CoggshallSeptember 2010
Download MP3 Version 4.8 MB MP3 (5:35)
Jane Coggshall discusses job-embedded professional development: what it is, who is responsible, and how to get it done well.

Paul KimmelmanMay 2010
Download MP3 Version 11 MB MP3 (6:57)
Paul Kimmelman describes the framework for creating conditions that foster innovative solutions in education from his book, The School Leadership Triangle: From Compliance to Innovation.

Dawn DolbyApril 2010
Download MP3 Version 5.5 MB MP3 (6:54)
Dawn Dolby gives practical advice and strategies for determining the best restructuring model for the lowest performing schools.

Mathew CliffordMarch 2010
Download MP3 Version 7.8 MB MP3 (4:36)
Matt Clifford describes the Quality School Leadership Identification process to match the right leader to your school.

Molly LasagnaJanuary 2010
Download MP3 Version 16.4 MB MP3 (7:45)
Molly Lasagna suggests a new vision for staffing our schools for the 21st century.

Robert StonehillDecember 2009
Download MP3 Version 10.2 MB MP3 (4:26)
Robert Stonehill discusses the secrets of successful afterschool programs.

Gretchen WeberNovember 2009
Download MP3 Version 10.7 MB MP3 (5:02)
Gretchen Weber describes the essential components in preparing, recruiting, and retaining effective educators.

Trisha HinojosaOctober 2009
Download MP3 Version 12.6 MB MP3 (5:40)
Trisha Hinojosa describes the findings of a rigorous evaluation of The Stock Market Game™.

Jessica JohnsonSeptember 2009
Download MP3 Version 15.4 MB MP3 (6:58)
Jessica Johnson explains how Learning Point Associates improved student achievement in Dunkirk, New York.

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