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Education Recovery and Reinvestment Center

Learning Point Associates Services:
Race to the Top

Learning Point Associates will work with you to prepare, design, and develop your Race to the Top proposal. Once you receive funding, we are skilled at implementing and managing large-scale initiatives. We have extensive experience evaluating initiatives at the national, regional, state, and local levels. We will evaluate your initiatives and provide the information you need to perfect your plans and wisely reinvest your funding.

Our 25 years of experience is focused on the Absolute, Competitive, and Invitational priority areas of the Race to the Top funds and will give your proposal a competitive advantage.

Component Learning Point Associates will . . .
Preproposal Preparation
  • Perform a data scan to assess student, educator, school, and district performance in the state.
  • Collect data, including conducting interviews and focus groups, to determine readiness for implementing proposed program design.
  • Identify and convene crucial partners at the state level (e.g., key vendors, university partners, community organizations, and foundations).
  • Facilitate partnerships and collaborations.
Proposal Development
  • Compile research to support planned activities.
  • Analyze state policies and practices related to ARRA assurances.
  • Perform a financial scan to determine levels of state investment compared to previous years.
  • Determine an approach for baseline data collection.
  • Write the proposal with your team.
  • Coordinate the submission of the proposal, including organizing budgets and collecting letters of support.
Program Implementation
  • Coordinate the project plan, budget, and timeline.
  • Implement the approach for baseline data collection.
  • Establish metrics and reporting requirements.
  • Develop a communications plan and protocols.
  • Monitor progress toward meeting goals and objectives.
  • Develop an evaluation plan at the beginning of the project.
  • Include formative and summative components.
  • Perform the evaluation plan, drawing on experimental, quasi-experimental, and multiple case study designs for rigorous, trustworthy data collection.
  • Use data to refine the process.

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