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Education Recovery and Reinvestment Center

Learning Point Associates Services:
Professional Development

Research shows that professional development is a key mechanism for improving student performance. However, teachers often admit that the professional development they receive has little application to their everyday experiences in the classroom.

Sporadic, one-session professional development activities are ineffective at best. Professional development that works is ongoing, job-embedded, and differentiated to the needs of teachers and school leaders at all points during their career continuum. Quality professional development is aligned with district and school improvement plans and monitored to ensure it is implemented well.

Services for States and Districts:

  • METworks (SM) Assessment at the state and district levels of how professional development activities support all the components of an educator’s career continuum
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of current professional development plans
  • Development of data-driven, strategic, job-embedded professional development programs

Learning Point Associates works with states and districts to assess how current professional development initiatives measure up to best practices. We work directly with districts to evaluate the quality of current professional development programs and develop programs that are data-driven and embedded in the school’s and district’s planning and implementation process.

For more information, contact us by e-mail or telephone (800-356-2735).


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