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Education Recovery and Reinvestment Center

Learning Point Associates Services:
Teacher Effectiveness and Equitable Distribution

Comprehensive Planning and Improvement to Equitably Distribute Teachers

Creating equitable distribution of highly qualified teachers and improving teacher effectiveness requires systematic thinking. Professional development must link to teacher evaluations so support can be targeted where it is needed most. Teacher preparation programs need feedback from evaluations on consistently weak  areas so the curriculum can be redesigned to strengthen students’ skills.

Services for States, Districts, and Schools:

  • Development and implementation of data-based strategic plans
  • Creation and alignment of required plans for compliance purposes 
  • Consultation on difficult decisions about where to prioritize resources and ongoing support to ensure you are on track 
  • Data collection and research, including district and school improvement audits, to inform your decisions

These strategies are best developed as part of a larger improvement effort focused on enhancing the overall effectiveness of all teachers.

The National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality and Learning Point Associates stand ready to assist regional comprehensive centers and states as they work toward securing funding and creating quality systems for the ongoing support and development of an effective teaching force.

We assist districts in aligning their efforts to state expectations and articulating a comprehensive plan for improvement built on a solid analysis of the factors influencing student achievement.

Our hallmark is research-based upfront planning with a quick turnaround and a collaborative process that engages staff and builds strong mechanisms to foster ongoing improvement.

For more information, contact us by e-mail or telephone (800-356-2735).


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