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Press Releases: 2004

New Resource for Education Policymakers

National Focus on Teacher Quality Issues

July 26, 2004

Naperville, IL — The Teaching Quality (TQ) Source, a new Web site for policymakers and educators throughout the United States, brings together in-depth information on improving teaching quality. It was launched at the 2004 National Forum on Education Policy, sponsored by the Education Commission of the States (ECS), July 13–16, in Orlando, Florida. The Web site is available at www.tqsource.org.

The TQ Source was developed by Learning Point Associates and ECS, both nonprofit, nonpartisan organizations dedicated to improving educational performance through research and reliable information. Governor of Virginia and immediate past ECS chairman, Mark Warner, began his opening remarks at the National Forum by stressing the importance of teaching quality in hard-to-staff schools. "I believe that a nation that has planted its flag on the moon and is now sending robotic scouts to Mars can figure out how to get good teachers into the schools that need them the most," he said. "If we are going to address the issue of teacher quality and its impact on student achievement in high-poverty schools, we must address each step in the process of recruiting, preparing, assigning, and rewarding teachers."

The governor praised the TQ Source Web site as a critical resource for policymakers in need of dependable research to make decisions about issues such as certification, content knowledge, and classroom experience. The TQ Source is the most comprehensive tool available that addresses these issues and more.

The TQ Source identifies policies, data, publications, and initiatives that impact fundamental issues of teaching quality, including teacher preparation, recruitment, and retention. Users can study national and state issues to determine programs for assisting low-performing schools. An interactive data tool permits dynamic analyses of local, state, and national trends. And the online publications database brings together the best research in the field of teacher quality for fast, easy reference.

"Reliable research and accurate data are essential tools for policymakers charged with making the right decisions for their constituents," said Gina Burkhardt, CEO of Learning Point Associates. "The TQ Source provides policymakers access to targeted research and objective data on educator quality. It is certainly a resource that can make a difference."

Learning Point Associates, based in Naperville, Illinois, offers a wide range of products and services that build on the quality and reliability of the research conducted for the last 20 years by its subsidiary, North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL®). The organization specializes in helping policymakers and educators discover research-based solutions for today's educational challenges.

Founded in 1965 to improve public education, the Education Commission of the States (ECS), based in Denver, Colorado, is the nation's preeminent, nonpartisan source of information, ideas, and leadership on education policy. The organization tracks trends, translates research, provides advice, and creates opportunities for governors, legislators, and other state leaders to learn from one another. The ultimate purpose of ECS is to help states improve their schools and colleges.

TQ Source Web site: www.tqsource.org



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