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NCREL® Plans Manual for Using Data

Findings Revealed From the TIMSS and TIMSS-R Analysis Will Be Captured in a New Resource for Schools

April 4, 2001

Naperville, IL—In response to today's release of findings from the Third International Mathematics and Science Study-Repeat (TIMSS-R), the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL) announced plans to develop a guidebook for educators on what the data means for schools.

The guidebook, to be released later this spring, will capture the knowledge and insights provided by the TIMSS and the more recent TIMSS-R, and will help schools and districts understand and apply the critical concepts of these studies to help drive improvement efforts.

"We believe that the real power of data exists when it is used to drive improvement," said Gina Burkhardt, NCREL's executive director. "The TIMSS-R guidebook will provide school districts with the capacity and practical guidelines to use data for local school improvement in mathematics and science instruction and to promote student learning."

The results for the 27 U.S. groups participating in the TIMSS-R were released by researchers at Boston College. The groups represent various states, districts and consortia from across the country, including the First in the World Consortium, a group of more than 20 school districts in northern Cook County, Illinois.

The Consortium was the first local-level group to take part in the TIMSS in 1995. After receiving their results, Consortium members sought NCREL's assistance in analyzing the findings. Together, NCREL and First in the World used the data to develop a number of reports with regard to content standards, teacher learning, socioeconomic status, curriculum analysis, and more.



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