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District Overcomes NCLB Sanctions by Using Data Wisely

The proof of improvement is in the data. The schools in District 300 were removed from the Academic Watch list, which they had been placed on in 2003 by the Illinois Board of Education. Learning Point Associates recommended Data Retreats, specialized trainings on the analysis and interpretation of data that lead to concrete strategies for academic improvement.

"Prior to the retreat, staff were overwhelmed with the amount of data and with what the data represented...the opportunity to actually work with the data helped alleviate the fear of data, Carmen Acevedo, Director, Title I ESL and Bilingual Education District 300, Carpentersville, Illinois.

Learning Point Associates has also provided Lesson Study workshops to educators who want to better their teaching of lesson plans based on how their students learn. This professional development process was first utilized in Japan whereby educators collaborate to plan, observe, and refine a lesson. Educators in Michigan employed the technique to collectively improve their teaching practice and the achievement of their students in mathematics.

"It was a very affirming process," notes Vicki Vorus, a seventh grade math teacher in the Detroit Public Schools, and an Outstanding Educator of the Year in 2003 and 2004 for Southeastern Michigan. "When I first heard about lesson study...I wondered if it was just another great idea that wouldn't translate into my world in Detroit Public Schools. But it did...The lesson represented the team's collective work. The team's voice became the lesson and the lesson became the team's voice."


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