Areas of Expertise



Rigorous applied research gives educators the confidence to move ahead. Generating
and reporting new knowledge informs education systems and their practice of teaching and learning.

By conducting rigorous qualitative and quantitative studies—either alone or in collaboration with the nation's best researchers—Learning Point Associates provides answers to questions about the relations among and functions of various aspects of education systems. Equipped with the evidence to confront and resolve vexing situations, educators are able to move forward with certainty.

Through the REL Midwest contract, awarded early in 2006 by the U.S. Department of Education, Learning Point Associates provides an exceptional mix of rigorous research and technical support to the field. We have designed an ambitious five-year scope of work and have subcontracted with some of the country's most prestigious and respected research institutions.

The work will provide practitioners and policymakers with training and technical assistance based on the highest quality evidence, as defined by scientifically valid research principles. This award marks our fifth consecutive federal contract to operate the region’s educational laboratory.


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