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Systemwide Improvement
The U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) Department of Education engaged Learning Point Associates to identify and implement a comprehensive, systemwide improvement plan to improve student achievement in 35 schools in two districts.

In order to bring the USVI back into compliance with the U.S. Department of Education's school improvement plan requirement, Learning Point Associates facilitators worked collaboratively with department staff to plan a course of action and identifying barriers.

After collecting data through a needs assessment, educators analyzed conditions and planned realistic improvements aligned with federal requirements. The professionals from Learning Point Associates recommended comprehensive educational improvement programs, research-based professional development, and strategies for integrating technology into everyday activities.

After intensive efforts, USVI educators and Learning Point Associates staff developed comprehensive school improvement plans for the territory, the two school districts, and all K-12 schools in the USVI. Standardized test scores this year showed that of the 33 schools in the territory, 19 have improved since 2004.

Learning Point Associates staff will continue to provide high-quality, research-based professional development and technical assistance services, monitor the implementation of school improvement plans, and work with the USVI to build capacity to sustain school improvement efforts.


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