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The Center: Through its Center for Comprehensive School Reform and Improvement, Learning Point Associates offers additional tools, guides, research, publications, and resources.

Learning Point Associates offers evaluation and policy research services that are critical for equipping administrators and policymakers with the measures to informed decisions affecting their students and community.

Comprehensive School Reform in Minnesota and Michigan
Learning Point Associates conducted evaluations of comprehensive school reform (CSR) to fulfill federal reporting requirements for Minnesota and Michigan in the following two areas:

  • The progress of implementing CSR, including the barriers to implementation and the conditions and practices that facilitate the reform
  • Improvements in student achievement, comparing CSR schools to a comparison group and the state as a whole.

Learning Point Associates evaluated implementation against the 11 CSR components through a short Web-based survey and determined changes in student achievement in the aggregate and disaggregated by Title I groups using the state's extant, computer-readable school-level state student assessment data. The connection between implementation and student achievement was analyzed statistically using correlations and inferential statistical analyses when possible, and recommendations were provided for each state.

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