Areas of Expertise


Adolescent Literacy
Strong and Weak Readers

Strong and Weak Readers

Strong Weak
Before Reading
Activate prior knowledge. Start reading without preparation.
Understand task and set purpose. Read without knowing why.
Choose appropriate strategies. Read without considering how to approach the material.
During Reading
Focus attention. Are easily distracted.

Monitor their comprehension by:

  • Knowing comprehension is occurring.
  • Knowing what is being understood.
Do not know they do not understand.
Anticipate and predict. Read to get finished.

Use fix-up strategies when lack of understanding occurs.


Do not know what to do when lack of understanding occurs.
Use contextual analysis in order to recognize important vocabulary. Do not understand new terms.
Use text structure to assist comprehension. Do not see any organization.
Organize and integrate new information. Add on, rather than integrate new information.
After Reading
Reflect on what was read.
Summarize major ideas.
Stop reading.
Stop thinking about the topic.
Check additional information from outside sources.
Feel success is a result of effort. Feel success is a result of luck.


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