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Strategy: RRI (Rapid Retrieval of Information)

Moore . D. W., Alvermann, D. E., & Hinchman, K. A. (2000) Struggling Adolescent Readers. International Reading Association.


RRI is a strategy that can be used in intermediate or upper grade classrooms. The students are first instructed to read a portion of a selection silently. They are then asked to answer a question, prove a point or share an example from the text by responding with reading aloud their response. By using RRI, teachers can assess oral reading, as well as comprehension. This strategy effectively replaces the standard end-of-the-chapter questions and has proven to be more motivating for the students.


  1. The teacher prepares a list of tasks that will be later presented to the class. It is important that these involve more than just simple recall, but also encourage students to use higher level thinking skills.
  2. Students read the assigned material silently.
  3. A task is then presented orally to the class.
  4. Students listen to the task and then find the portion of the text that effectively answers it.
  5. The section of the text that is then read. In the beginning, it is suggested that volunteers are called on. As the discussion ensues, it is important that all students are involved, so many non-volunteers are also asked to respond. At the determination of the teacher, each task may be presented as many times.
  6. It is important that the tasks are presented as rapidly as possible, keeping in mind that the emphasis is on thinking and accuracy.
  7. Anytime the response was lacking in relevancy, the teacher needs to take time to stop and discuss it. It should be noted that many teachers have found this strategy not only motivates increased student learning, but also is considered by the students to be an enjoyable method of learning.

Examples: An excellent example of RRI tasks can be found on page 172 of the above-cited text.


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