Photo of two women in audience of seminar.

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Wisconsin Teacher Quality

2009 Wisconsin Research Seminar on Improving Educator Quality: Improving Practice and Expanding Collaboration in Challenging Times

June 29–30, 2009
Chula Vista Resort
Wisconsin Dells, WI

Seminar Presentations and Papers

The second Wisconsin Research Seminar on Improving Educator Quality will feature presentations of studies, evaluations, or ongoing projects aimed at improving the quality of teaching, student services, and leadership in Wisconsin schools. Toward this end, the cosponsoring organizations are committed to sustaining a research-guided innovation community focused on educator preparation, induction, and professional development.

The overarching purpose of the seminar is to broaden knowledge about the implementation and impact of PI 34 on educator effectiveness and student learning in Wisconsin. Vital to achieving this goal is a forum through which educational leaders, researchers, and policymakers can do the following: (a) share results from Wisconsin-focused studies; (b) share public data sets, study designs, and instruments; (c) develop research-guided, school-university professional development partnerships; and (d) disseminate study results to inform public policy on "what works" in improving educator effectiveness.


Steering Committee Members