Learning Standards Incorporating the Common Core

The Great Lakes West Comprehensive Center is supporting the rollout of the New Illinois Learning Standards Incorporating the Common Core. One of the major components of this support is the online planning tool for regional offices of education and districts. The Web-based planning tool was designed to guide districts in preparation for the transition to new standards. It has three sections with guiding questions and planning steps to (1) identify your strengths, your concerns, and what you can build upon during the transition; (2) look into the future and determine what successful implementation would look, sound, and feel like to your main stakeholders; and (3) specify the objectives, goals, and action steps local teams will establish in the areas of curriculum, instruction, professional development, and assessment to bring your plan to life.

Online Planning Tool Webinar

Great Lakes West provided regional offices of education with 60-minute webinars that gave overviews of the online tool and its capabilities. The archive of the webinar is included here for regional office and district staffs working to complete the online tool as part of their efforts to transition to and implement the new standards.

Click here to start streaming the webinar, or Click here to download.

New Learning Standards Online Planning Toll

Not a user? Contact Great Lakes West (mslater@air.org) to find out who your district and ROE contact's are to learn more about how your district is using the planning tool.

New Illinois Learning Standards Incorporating the Common Core


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