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Ohio Data Primer

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Module 4: Practice—How Can We Improve

The data template from Module 3 is where we begin.

Example Data

Module 4 of the Data Primer uses a similar template but that adds columns to let you define your own tests, quizzes, end-of-unit tests, interim or benchmark assessments, etc. to the data table. Additional student or class characteristics may also be added. Typically, you will have recorded these in your gradebook, whether a paper or a digital one. Some of the scores may be numbers, others letters, some symbols, such as + or –. You may have used some of these scores to construct averages or letter grades for each student.

The Module 4 data table looks like this:

Example Data

Use the menu at left to define rows (students) and columns (attributes of students and test scores or grades). Then type in the data from your gradebook or other data source. Once the data are entered, you can sort the data by clicking on a column head.

To obtain a chart, click the Graph button below the menu in the pop-up window. A graph will appear that will look like this example (click to see), but not the same since you are using your own data.

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