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Ohio Data Primer

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Module 3: Practice—Are We Leaving Anyone Behind?

The place to find Ohio Achievement Test results for your students for the past few years is the Success Portal, also known as Ohio's Statewide Testing page.

You will need to click on the Educator's Workroom link, at the lower left of that page (circled in red at right) to reach the secure section of the Success Portal where individually identifiable data is available. You will be asked to provide your Login credentials (see below):

Login Request

Have your Ohio educator sign-on credentials (user name and password) handy. If you do not have credentials, speak with your principal. Once the Success Portal authorizes your Login, you will be taken to a page that will, among other things, let you generate a list of the students in any of your classes and their Ohio Achievement Test results. It will look like this:

As you explore the various controls and options that the Educator's Workroom provides, you will see that it will let you print this table, or send it directly to Excel or another spreadsheet software program on your computer. For purposes of the Data Primer, you need to transfer the results from this table to the data template on page four of this Primer module. However, since the Data Primer does not save your data, you will want to save the data to your computer. This will also let you combine various data sources (multiple classes, multiple subjects, multiple years) as you determine to be necessary. Once you have all the data you need safely in one place, you can copy it to the template for analysis.

There are many ways to build this table once you have the data from the Educator's Workroom on screen. The simplest is just to cut-and-paste. Click your mouse on the upper left cell of the table, at the left of the student name. Then while holding the mouse, drag down and to the right until all rows of the table are highlighted. Press the computer's Ctrl + C keys simultaneously while the data are highlighted. The computer now has a copy of this table in memory. We need to put it somewhere before it disappears.

Open a spreadsheet application on your computer. Either Microsoft Works or Excel will work fine. Put your cursor on a cell in a blank spreadsheet. Click Edit on the menu bar, then Paste Special, then OK. The data are now on your spreadsheet page. You may want to format them somewhat to make them more legible. For instance, you will want to delete the columns for the symbols for the proficiency levels and retain only the scale score results. Once you have assembled all the data you want in this form, cut-and-paste it from the spreadsheet page to the Data Primer's student data template or just type the data directly into the template. Click here to go to the template.

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