Great Lakes East Comprehensive Center


October 2005 through September 2012, the Great Lakes East Comprehensive Center at Learning Point Associates (an affiliate of American Institutes for Research) was funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Great Lakes East focused its work in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio and was a part of the network of 16 regional comprehensive centers and five national content centers. The regional comprehensive centers provided technical assistance designed to raise the capacity of states to help districts and schools meet the goals of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), with emphasis on the Secretary of Education’s key reform priorities. Starting October 2012, the states of Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio will be served by the Great Lakes Comprehensive Center as part of the new network of 15 regional comprehensive centers and seven national content centers.The Great Lakes Comprehensive Center will be operated by American Institutes for Research.


Summer 2012 – Great Lakes East Final E-newsletter For This Grant Award. “Thank you… And Stay Tuned”

For its final newsletter of this grant, Great Lakes East brings you three incredible impact stories of how each state education agency, with our help and support, developed new and innovative approaches and practices that are impacting teachers and students in each state. We highlight three current initiatives: Response to Instruction in Indiana, pacesetting districts in Michigan, and credit flexibility in Ohio, and includes a special report looking at the past and future of capacity building, and a very special thank you to the Advisory Board and SEA staff who have helped support and drive the work we do.

Great Lakes East Impact Stories From Our Three States

As Great Lakes East staff reflect on the work that has been done in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio over the years, we wanted to feature six success stories, two from each state. We hope that these stories demonstrate how each SEA has built and implemented processes or created new statewide policies, and also how Great Lakes East has worked with them in innovative ways to build capacity and sustainability.

Photo of teacher with student.

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