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Why Do the Achievement Gaps Exist?

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Scholars Believe We Can Close the Black-White Test Score Gap, but Traditional Answers Will Not Work
Scholars have known about the existence of a gap between blacks and whites in terms of achievement test scores since the early twentieth century. However, this gap persists. Scholars explain why they think the gap can be closed, why traditional perspectives on the gap are inadequate, and why closing this gap is important.

What Contributes to the Achievement Gap?
The Center on Education Policy identifies an array of factors in the school, the community, and the home that may be contributing causes of the achievement gap.

Scholars Provide an Overview of Explanations for Black-White Test Score Gap
Many explanations exist for why black Americans consistently score lower on achievement and intelligence tests than white Americans. Two scholars provide an overview of these explanations.

Numerous Factors Contribute to the Knowledge Gap
The author lists and explains the different factors that contribute to the poor performance of these students.

What Matters When Trying to Understand the Educational Achievement Gap Between Black and White Students?
Many factors contribute to racial inequality in achievement test scores. A researcher examines the interplay of race and institutional processes in the creation and perpetuation of racial inequality.

A Complex Web of Institutional Relations Gives Rise to Educational Disadvantage for U.S. Blacks
A researcher examines the complex institutional processes and relationships that lie behind the racial inequality in academic achievement in the U.S. He develops a model that takes into account family and educational factors to help explain racial inequality.


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