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Curriculum Audit

Our curriculum audits provide research-based action steps for districts and schools to increase student achievement. Learning Point Associates is experienced in working with districts to address the achievement gaps for English language learners and students with disabilities. Learn about our audit work in New York.

Our commitment to uncovering the root causes of a district's or school's poor performance is apparent throughout all stages of the improvement audit. We work in partnership, unraveling your knottiest issues and then applying the best research, state-of-the-art tools, and expertise to create the right conditions for change.

Our collaborative audit approach allows districts and schools to:

  • Establish consistent, measurable objectives for student achievement.
  • Leverage existing strengths and knowledge across areas of high need.
  • Speed decision making by gaining insight into programs that are ineffective or irrelevant.
  • Promote a shared understanding across disciplines for new approaches to special populations.
  • Enable personnel to see and understand their role in improving performance.
  • Gain control of resources to improve those programs that will yield the highest return for students.

Learn how our curriculum audit process can prepare your district and schools to continue the improvement process long after we are gone.

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