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Professional Development

Learning Point Associates offers a variety of professional development workshops designed to boost teaching skills in the area of literacy and writing. Some are suitable for all teachers, whereas others meet the specific needs of elementary teachers or middle and high school teachers.

For Elementary Teachers

Using Reading Assessment to Drive Improvement. Learn to use assessments and curriculum to help plan and drive instruction in the areas data indicate are most in need of improvement.

Accelerate Struggling Readers. Focus on teaching techniques to improve reading for struggling readers, such as at-risk students, English language learners and students with learning disabilities.

Elements of Reading. Learn about research and practical implementation strategies that address the basics of phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension.

Advanced Elements of Reading. Go beyond the basics acquired in Elements of Reading to take a more in-depth look at phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension for greater student achievement.

Support for Reading Coaches. Develop skills for working with teachers, paraprofessionals and administrators; build effective literacy teams geared toward systemic reform; and develop approaches for successful experiences with both group and one-to-one coaching.

For Middle and High School Teachers

Strategic Reading. Understand the strategic processes in reading; learn how to make these processes transparent for all students; and enable students to take control of their own learning. These workshops and seminars are available in all content areas for teachers who want to develop their students' abilities to read strategically for information.

Differentiation and Diversity. Develop knowledge, skills and strategies for differentiating instruction to meet the needs of diverse student populations.

Adolescent Engagement and Motivation. Examine the factors related to engagement and motivation, and help adolescent learners become both active and strategic readers.

Vocabulary Instruction for Adolescents. Understand the relationship of vocabulary development and comprehension, and develop vocabulary strategies for use before, during and after reading.

Using Multiple Texts With Adolescents. Explore the use of multiple texts to improve teaching and learning in content-area instruction.

Content-Area Literacy Instruction. Build a knowledge base for improving student comprehension in content areas through effective teaching and learning strategies used to construct meaning from text.

Literacy in Science. Integrate research-based instructional strategies into science classrooms to assist comprehension.

For All Teachers

Teaching in a Standards-Aligned Classroom. Expand instructional coherence with clarity of student outcomes through standards-driven instruction. Each session can be provided in one-, two-, three-, four- or five-day workshops, or they can be offered as part of a larger, intensive professional development effort.

Custom-designed workshop topics can be developed upon request. To learn more about our workshops, contact Gaye Zarazinski at 800-356-2735 or

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