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Performance Management Advantage

We’ve seen the effects of poorly executed teacher evaluations that stand alone, disconnected from any real plan to improve teacher effectiveness and influence student learning.

Teachers receive little to no actionable feedback on how to improve their craft. School administrators lack concrete evidence on which approaches are working and why. Parents and the public grow increasingly frustrated about what they see as a lack of accountability in improving student achievement.

What results do you want from your performance management system?

Our Performance Management Advantage services transform teacher evaluation systems, bridging the art and science of teaching.

Our staff work with you to plan, design, implement, and improve a system that places student learning at its core. Our approach is based on six core elements:

  • Strong investments in continuous stakeholder engagement
  • Full spectrum of talent development
  • Instruments that bridge the art and science of teaching
  • Integrated infrastructure
  • Culture shifts that get results
  • Strategic implementation

For More Information:

Why performance management?

We understand that evaluation is primarily about teacher development and that an effective system provides information that informs hiring and all talent management decisions.

Our staff members know the research, and we understand the decisions facing district and school leaders. We’ve created practical, effective tools to inform teacher evaluation decisions.

Guide to Teacher Evaluation Products

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