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Retaining Teacher Talent

The View From Generation Y: Facilitator's Guide

Each section of the facilitator's guide provides background information and questions for a facilitated discussion about specific aspects of the teaching profession and the perspective of Gen Y teachers on those topics. Each video segment varies in length and is not meant to be viewed as one continuous video. Segments are categorized by two topics:

  • Topic 1. Gen Y Views on Improving Teacher Effectiveness
    This topic focuses on principal support, professional development, structures for collaboration and feedback, resources, and evaluation systems as means of improving the effectiveness and retention of teachers.
  • Topic 2. Gen Y Views on the Future of the Teaching Profession
    This topic focuses on giving Gen Y teachers a voice, mproving the financial incentives to teach, and offering teachers ongoing growth opportunities to advance the teaching profession.

Understanding the next generation of teachers (Gen Y teachers) and knowing how to integrate them into and manage a multi-generational workforce—comprised of Generation X, Baby Boomers, and the Mature Generation—is critical for recruiting, retaining, and motivating excellent teachers for all students. Armed with knowledge about this incoming generation, school and district leaders can develop new policies and make improvements in their everyday talent management practices that better support effective teaching and reflect the expectations and career preferences of teachers.


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