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Retaining Teacher Talent

In early 2010, Public Agenda and AIR (formerly Learning Point Associates) unveiled the Retaining Teacher Talent study, with the support of The Joyce Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

As the critical task of securing excellent teachers for all students increasingly gains support and national attention, state and district leaders have an unprecedented opportunity to create genuine, long-lasting advances in how we recruit, retain, and support our teachers.

This resource offers research-based information and strategies to forward-looking leaders to inform their efforts to make teaching attractive to top talent from Generation Y, identify the different types of supports that different types of teachers need, and effectively communicate reform ideas to the teaching profession.

Website Contents

Report 1. The View From Generation Y
This report explores Gen Y teachers’ views on strategies for the successful management and retention of the most talented teachers. The “hard factors” and “soft factors” of employment that forward-looking policymakers should know about are discussed from the Gen Y perspective.

Report 2. Teaching for a Living
This report provides a comprehensive and nuanced look at how teachers differ in their perspectives on their profession, why they entered teaching, the atmosphere and leadership in their schools, their students and student outcomes, the problems they face, and ideas for reform.

Report 3. Convergence and Contradictions in Teachers’ Perceptions of Policy Reform Ideas
This report informs policymakers about teachers’ views on the policies that greatly affect their daily lives. The report highlights the teacher perspective on pressing policy issues of assessing, rewarding, and improving teacher effectiveness, with the goal of keeping teachers themselves at the heart of debates about the profession.

Research Study Methodology
The research study methodology provides a description of the study’s methods, instruments, sample designs, weighting, and analysis.

Gen Y Video Insights and Facilitator's Guide

Talent Management in the Private and Education Sectors: A Literature Review (PDF)

Resources for State and District Leaders

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