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The DNA of Your Education SystemSM

Just as DNA serves as the building blocks of life—carrying the genetic information that combines to create traits that shape the makeup of the human body—educator talent is the DNA of education. It builds and shapes the education system, ensuring that all students have access to effective teachers and school leaders.

Cover imageInterested in a regional view of human capital resource management? Managing Educator Talent: Promising Practices and Lessons from Midwestern States analyses how state policies support the development of effective teachers and leaders throughout their career.

At Learning Point Associates, we know that the each of the following components of an educator’s career continuum is essential for creating a strong education system:

However, districts and states often have adopted a piecemeal approach to handling educator talent—for example, focusing exclusively on recruitment or hiring. Addressing only one or two components of the educator career continuum does not create the appropriate combination of components needed to make genuine, lasting improvements to teacher quality.

METworksSM—our Managing Educator Talent solutions—maximizes educator effectiveness by addressing all of these critical components.

METworks provides states and districts with a coherent, action-oriented, and collaborative approach to solving your most pressing educator talent management concerns. We help you create a blueprint for long-term positive change.

What METworksSM Can Do for You

At the state level:
The METworks Policy Inventory and Gap Analysis help states in two ways. The policy inventory identifies how state-level policies and legislative activity align with recommended best practices. The gap analysis suggests the next steps states should take to align current policies and practices with the strategies and research in the METworks Framework.

In addition, we provide ongoing consulting assistance as you develop policies to support an effective educator talent management system.

At the district level:
The METworks Assessment evaluates relevant district data to identify how the district can best manage and develop its greatest resource—educator talent. The assessment can help you determine where your educator talent policies and practices are making a difference, areas that can be strengthened, how each component of talent management aligns with strategies and research in the METworks Framework, and how all of the components support each other.

Through our co-interpretationSM process during the assessment, we work together with you to develop research-based action steps to reengineer your talent management and development practices.

Our implementation support provides hands-on consultation as you develop the components of an effective educator talent management system.

For more information on how Learning Point Associates can help you manage your educator talent, view the METworksSM fact sheet, or contact Jessica Johnson at or Gretchen Weber at

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