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The Impact of Coaching and Self-Assessment on Afterschool Program Quality

Client: William T. Grant Foundation

We are collaborating with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and Berkeley Policy Associates to assess the impact of a structured coaching intervention for afterschool staff on the quality of afterschool programs.

Under a pilot development grant from the William T. Grant Foundation, the Learning Point Associates research team is exploring the effects of offering on-site coaching to afterschool program staff at varying levels of intensity. Afterschool programs designated as treatment sites will receive coaching designed to help program staff develop and implement improvement plans. Control sites will develop improvement plans, but they will not receive coaching for staff.

The goal of the one-year pilot project is to refine and fully describe the coaching intervention and to further validate the instruments that will be used to measure the quality of the program and service delivery. Contingent on the successful completion of the pilot study, Learning Point Associates and its partners will conduct a three-year, randomized clinical trial study to determine the impact of the self-assessment improvement plans and coaching intervention strategy as opposed to the self-assessment improvement plan-only control.

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