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Afterschool Services

How students spend time outside of the classroom—before and after school and during breaks and summer vacation—has a tremendous impact on what they achieve in school.

Those hours can be empty and students can be left idle, or the time can be filled with enriching activities that engage them, build their confidence and motivate them to keep learning. A quality afterschool program extends learning and positive youth development beyond the school bell and engages students who might otherwise be left behind.

Learning Point Associates knows afterschool. For more than a decade, we have led the effort to promote quality afterschool programs nationwide. We work with our clients to design, implement and sustain programs that make the most of a student's time. Our evaluations assess program effectiveness and drive continuous improvement efforts. Education leaders, policymakers and private foundations turn to us for advice on building the infrastructure at the national, state and local level that supports solid afterschool programming.

Our afterschool work includes the following:

  • Providing professional development, consultation, training and ongoing support to help program administrators create, improve and maintain high-quality afterschool programs (see our Beyond the Bell start-up guide and toolkit)
  • Monitoring and evaluating the impact and outcomes of afterschool programs
  • Designing and maintaining the Profile and Performance Information Collection System (PPICS), the comprehensive national grantee database for the $1.1 billion-per-year 21st Century Community Learning Centers program
  • Advising state and national policies through the dissemination of research-based information on the components and outcomes of quality programs

We invite you to review our representative projects to learn more about the work we are doing in the area of afterschool services. To explore how Learning Point Associates can work with you on afterschool services, contact Gaye Zarazinski at 800-356-2735 or

Beyond the Bell

Third Edition

Recent Research

There is plenty of research that supports the need for afterschool resources for school-aged children and their families: The current estimate of the number of children who care for themselves after school is 14.3 million (Afterschool Alliance, 2004).


Beyond the Bell Third Edition

Beyond the Bell® is a suite of products designed to help afterschool directors, coordinators and staff create and sustain high-quality, effective afterschool programs. Purchase Beyond the Bell.

Your favorite Beyond the Bell tools are now available in Spanish.

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