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The 2004 Carole Fine Professional Development


The Application

There are five parts to the application. All five parts must be submitted at one time.

Part I: Applicant Information

Applicants may print out and fill in either the Adobe® Acrobat (PDF) version or the Web (HTML) version of Part I.

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Part II: Professional Development Experience

On a separate sheet of paper, describe any professional development activities in which you have participated. Please include your educational coursework, continuing education activities, teaching experiences, association memberships, offices held, additional training you have received, school-sponsored initiatives, and other relevant activities (limit two pages).

Part III: Vision of Professional Development

On a separate sheet of paper, describe your personal vision or philosophy of effective professional development in education. What elements must it have to be successful? What kinds of activities would it include? Who should be involved? How would it differ from professional development experiences you have had? Be sure to provide specific examples whenever possible (limit two pages).

Part IV: Action Plan Outline

On a separate sheet of paper, provide a detailed outline for a professional development plan you might use upon returning to your school after your internship experience. Describe the challenges you might face when implementing this plan and how you will address them. Include a timeline (limit three pages).

Part V: Letters of Support

When you submit your application materials, include letters of support from the following individuals:

  • Your school principal or the district superintendent
  • A current or recent teaching colleague
  • A third colleague of your choice

Applications must be received or postmarked by May 17, 2004. Return your completed application to this address:

Attn: Carole Fine Professional Development Internship
c/o Tim Schalke
Learning Point Associates
1120 E. Diehl Road, Suite 200
Naperville, Illinois 60563
Phone: (800) 356-2735
Fax: (630) 649-6700
E-Mail: cfine@learningpt.org

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