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Training: Half Day Session
Curriculum and Homework Linkages

This session examines homework help and enrichment activities at Thousand Oaks Elementary School and Esperanza Elementary School. Participants will observe and analyze what the programs are doing, the purpose, and their replicability.

Before Viewing
Ask: When you think of a dynamic after-school program, what comes to mind? Chart the responses. Tip to Facilitator: Participants will have a range of ideas. Try to focus on elements common to all after-school programs, homework help and enrichment activities in particular.

Viewing the Video
Watch the Thousand Oaks and Esperanza segments of the video. Take notes on what makes homework help and enrichment activities effective and engaging.

On the Video:

Grade Level:Middle School
What to Note:Homework help system
Teacher communication
Grade Level:Elementary
What to Note:Enrichment activities linked to literacy
Communication with families
School:Thousand Oaks
Grade Level:Elementary
What to Note:Innovative use of very limited space
Enrichment activities
School:Big Rapids
Grade Level:Middle School
What to Note:Internal communication between day and after-school teachers

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