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Thousand Oaks Elementary School
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Kids Involvment Network, San Antonio, Texas
Photo of KIN students.Some facts about this program: School Enrollment: 938. 
Current Program Enrollment: 55. 
Student/Staff Ratio: 12:1. 
Program Started: 1995.
Funding: Self-supporting; students are charged monthly tuition. 
Staff Makeup: Lead teacher supported by local college Education majors and other volunteers.

Thousand Oaks Elementary School is in a typical American suburb located just north of the Alamo and San Antonio's sprawling downtown. With easy access to the city and situated near one of the largest military centers in the United States, the community attracts a professional workforce as well as military personnel and retirees. New homes continue to build up the surrounding areas. Ninety-five percent of the residents are Caucasian; 5 percent are Hispanic.

Most of the students at Thousand Oaks Elementary School come from comfortable dual-income families who rely on some kind of extended day care program between the time school gets out and the end of the parents' workday.

In 1995, a branch of the Kids' Involvement Network (KIN) was established at Thousand Oaks to combine after-school care with hands-on enrichment activities and learning games in a safe, fun environment. By the time parents pick up their children from KIN, most homework is done, and everything from Alka-Seltzer rockets to beekeeping has complemented the students' school-day learning.