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Norwell Public Schools Evaluation System

Evaluation Type
Combination Models

Special Education specific

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No URL is currently available for this instrument.

This system was developed by Norwell Public Schools, Massachusetts.

Product Description
Teachers are evaluated in two areas; principal observations and student progress on their IEP. Teachers are provided one year of professional support in developing their IEP writing skills as well as professional development on using data to inform instruction. Teachers who have less than three years of experience are observed twice per year, with one observation conducted by the principal and the other by a special education administrator. Additional evidence can be collected including lesson plans. Both the principal and the special education administrator codevelop the summative evaluation.

General Target Population Information
This system is used in the evaluation of special education teachers.

Stage of Teacher Development
All Stages

This system is used by Norwell Public Schools.

Research and Resources
No additional research or resources are currently available for this system.

Cost for the use of this product has not been established.

Contact Information

322 Main Street
Norwell, MA 02061

Support Available
This system was not designed for commercial use, thus technical support is not available. Norwell Public Schools may be available for consultation.