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Hillsborough County Public Schools Teacher Evaluation System

Evaluation Type
Classroom Observations
Student Performance Measures
Combination Models

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Use of Evaluation


This system was developed by Hillsborough County Public Schools.

Product Description
Based on Charlotte Danielson's Framework for Teaching, 30 percent of the evaluation will focus on mentor or peer rating, 30 percent on principal rating, and 40 percent on student learning gains.

General Target Population Information
This system was developed for Hillsborough County Teachers.

Stage of Teacher Development
Any Stage

This system is used by teachers and administrators.

Research and Resources
Hillsborough County Public Schools is participating in a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation study on teacher effectiveness ( A portion of the teacher evaluation system is based on Charlotte Danielson's Framework for Teaching.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation committed $100 million over seven years to Hillsborough County Public Schools as part of the Intensive Partnerships for Effective Teaching grant. The funds can be used to develop "a quality new-teacher induction program that would include true mentoring relationships; improve our teacher and principal evaluation systems; enhance our professional development system; provide effective incentives for teachers who work with our highest needs students; and improve our entire compensation plan."

Contact Information
Phone: 813-272-4600

Support Available
Support is available through the school district and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.