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Memphis Teacher Effectiveness Initiative

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Classroom Observations
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This initiative was developed by Memphis City Schools.

Product Description
Memphis City Schools received a $90 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to improve teacher effectiveness. The intention is to create a Teacher Effectiveness Measure that assesses student learning, observations, stakeholder perception, and teacher knowledge. The Teacher Effectiveness Initiative will use these data to improve human capital policies in the city, including those related to recruitment, performance management, professional development, and compensation.

General Target Population Information
Funding for this initiative from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was announced in November 2009. When the system is fully implemented, it will involve all teachers in the Memphis City Schools.

Stage of Teacher Development
All Stages

Teachers in Memphis City Schools are involved in this initaive.

Research and Resources
Memphis City Schools is part of a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation study on teacher effectiveness ( The Teacher Effectiveness Initiative has not otherwise been studied.

Memphis Public Schools received a $90-million grant over five years from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to implement the Teacher Effectiveness Initiative.

Contact Information

David Hill
Coordinator of Strategic Planning and Accountability
Memphis City Schools
2597 Avery Ave.
Memphis, TN 38112
Phone: 901-416-5300 

Support Available
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation provides financial support and conducts additional research on aspects of the Memphis City Schools teacher evaluation system. Frequently asked questions, resources, and videos on the subject can be found online at