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Student Surveys

Evaluation Type
Student Surveys

All Subjects

Middle Grades only

Use of Evaluation

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This product was developed by L. Kyriakides, F. C. Worrell, L. D. Kuterbach, and J. Follman.

Product Description
Student surveys can be used to help inform instruction and have been shown to be useful forms of formative assessment for teachers of academically talented and regular education high school students. Kyriakides designed student surveys and examined the reliability and validity of student ratings of teachers in Grade 6 classrooms in Cyprus. He found that measures of teacher-student relationships and cooperation were correlated with student achievement in mathematics and language and affective outcomes.

General Target Population Information
As long as student surveys are written well and account for students' developmental level, they can be informative to teachers at all levels, in all subjects. Kyriakides used student surveys with Grade 6 teachers.

Stage of Teacher Development
All Stages

Several researchers and evaluators have used student surveys in research. The validity of the instrument in predicting student achievement has been shown through the research cited below.

Research and Resources

Follman, J. (1992). Secondary school students' ratings of teacher effectiveness. The High School Journal, 75(1), 168–178.

Follman, J. (1995). Elementary public school pupil rating of teacher effectivness. Child Study Journal, 25(1), 57–78.

Kyriakides, L. (2005). Drawing from teacher effectiveness research and research into teacher interpersonal behaviour to establish a teacher evaluation system: A study on the use of student ratings to evaluate teacher behavior. Journal of Classroom Interaction, 40(2), 44–66.

Worrell, F. C., & Kuterbach, L. D. (2001). The use of student ratings of teacher behaviors with academically talented high school students. Journal of Secondary Gifted Education, 14(4), 236–247.

To date, these instruments have been used for research purposes and have not been marketed for commercial or general use.

Contact Information

Leonidas Kyriakides
Department of Education 
University of Cyprus
P.O. Box 20537
Nicosia 1678 Cyprus

Frank C. Worrell
Cognition and Development Office
University of California–Berkeley
4427 Tolman Hall (Mailbox 4511)
Berkeley, CA 94720 
Phone: 510-643-4891

Support Available
To date, these instruments have been used for research purposes only; technical support is not generally available.