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Student Learning Objectives

Evaluation Type
Student Performance Measures

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Use of Evaluation
Teacher Compensation Decisions

Information on how Austin Independent School District's (AISD's) evaluation system uses student learning objectives is provided at

AISD's evaluation system was developed in collaboration with AISD teachers, principals, administrators, parents, Education Austin, the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, and community members.

Product Description
AISD's evaluation system uses Student Learning Objectives as an approach to assess teachers in their alternative compensation program. Teachers and principals collaboratively develop student learning goals for the class, and awards are based on meeting those Student Learning Objectives. Though the system is a compensation model, the evaluation component, which focuses on Student Learning Objectives, is unique and can be used with other measures to determine teacher effectiveness.

General Target Population Information
AISD takes teacher goals for students into account in its alternative compensation system, called AISD Reach. At the beginning of the year, teachers identify Student Learning Objectives. This measure is then used to determine whether they are eligible for additional compensation.

Stage of Teacher Development
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Student learning objectives are established by AISD teachers participating in the AISD Reach program.

Research and Resources
There is currently no published research on this method of teacher evaluation.

Depending on the choices districts make in implementing this strategy, the cost will vary.

Contact Information
Information on AISD's evaluation system that uses Student Learning Objectives can be found at  

Support Available
This system was not designed for commercial use, thus technical support is not available.