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Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio

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This product was developed by ETS for the Kansas State Department of Education in collaboration with Kansas educators.

Product Description

The Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio (KPTP) is designed to provide the teacher candidate an opportunity to demonstrate how he or she uses contextual factors of students in a class to design and implement a unit of study. The teacher candidate provides information about the unit’s lesson plans and assessments. Specific information about how the instruction is modified for two individual students within the classroom is also required. In addition, the teacher candidate reflects on the implementation of the unit for the whole class and the two focus students. The KPTP measures the Kansas Professional Standards (see for full description of the standards). For the purpose of the KPTP, the standards have been clustered into six focus areas of teaching practice.

General Target Population Information
This product was developed for preservice teachers.

Stage of Teacher Development
Focused on Preservice Teachers

This product is used by Kansas institutions of higher education.

Research and Resources

This product is available at no cost to candidates.

Contact Information

Pamela Coleman
Kansas Department of Education

Support Available

Assessments are delivered through institutions of higher education, which support candidates throughout the process. 

Online support materials are available at