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Teachscape: Classroom Walkthrough

Evaluation Type
Classroom Observations

All Subjects

All Grades

Use of Evaluation


This product was developed by Teachscape.

Product Description
Classroom Walkthrough implementations include the following: two days of focused learning and practice onsite; a wireless handheld application for all participants for easy data collection; participant binder with additional resources, masters, and templates; one-year access to the Teachscape XL for data analysis, reporting, and training; observational protocols or "look-fors"; professional literature on classroom walkthroughs and other key practices; and unlimited technical support.

General Target Population Information
This system was developed for teachers at all levels and grades.

Stage of Teacher Development
All Stages

The product is used by Iredell-Statesville Schools, North Carolina; Monroe Township School District, New Jersey; and Manatee County School District, Florida.

Research and Resources

Darling-Hammond, L., LaPointe, M., Meyerson, D., Orr, M. T., & Choen, C. (2007). Preparing school leaders for a changing world: Lessons from exemplary leadership development programs. Stanford, CA: Stanford Educational Leadership Institute. Retrieved April 2, 2010, from

This research study funded by the Wallace Foundation sought to answer the following question: What are the best practices to develop effective school leadership? The study was a collaboration between Stanford University, The Finance Project, and WestEd. The researchers found that "nearly all the districts [with exemplary leadership development programs] engaged principals in guided 'walkthroughs' of schools to look at particular practices in classrooms and consider how to evaluate and improve learning and teaching. These powerful experiential learning opportunities were tied to studies of teaching, learning, and leadership grounded in research and theory. Because of the way the learning process was structured, principals in the districts [implementing a walkthrough process] were also significantly more likely to find school visits, principals’ networks, professional reading, and research helpful to improving their practice" (p. 146).

Cost is based on the scale and level of implementation.

Contact Information
Teachscape, Inc.
731 Market Street, Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone: 877-98TEACH (877-988-3224)

Support Available

Workshops and professional development are offered through

Technical support is offered through and