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Tool Name
Balanced Literacy Classroom Activity Observation Form

Evaluation Type
Classroom Observations

Language Arts specific

Elementary Grades only

Use of Evaluation
Used in Research


This product was developed by Bruce Frey, Steve Lee, Nona Tollefson, Lisa Pass, and Donita Massengill at the University of Kansas.

Product Description
The Balanced Literacy Classroom Activity Observation Form utilizes partial-interval recording to determine information about classroom activities concerning literacy. The form addresses teaching strategies, time spent on phonemic awareness, time spent on concepts of print, and accountable talk.

General Target Population Information
The initial study considered the use of balanced literacy activities in an urban school district.

Stage of Teacher Development
All Stages

The protocol has not been used outside of the initial study.

Research and Resources
Frey, B., Lee, S., Tollefson, N., Pass, L., & Massengill, D. (2005). Balanced literacy in an urban school district. Journal of Educational Research, 98(5), 272–280.

This product is in the public domain and can be used at no charge.

Contact Information
Bruce Frey
University of Kansas

Support Available
Support is not currently available for this product.