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Tool Name
Early Childhood Classroom Observation Measure (ECCOM)

Evaluation Type
Classroom Observations

All Subjects

Elementary Grades only

Use of Evaluation
Used in Research

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This product was developed by Deborah Stipek and Patricia Byler.

Product Description
ECCOM is an observation instrument that analyzes instructional practices, classroom management, and social climate in classrooms where students are four to seven years old. The tool measures 32 items in two categories: constructivist teaching stragegies and didactic, teacher-centered strategies.

General Target Population Information
ECCOM was designed for use with teachers of students aged four to seven.

Stage of Teacher Development
All Stages

This protocol has been used in several research and evaluation studies, including a large scale Head Start University Partnership Research Grant with George Mason University, which is taking place from 2008–11 (Principal Investigator, Julie Kidd).

Research and Resources

Perry, K. E., Donohue, K. M., & Weinstein, R. S. (2007). Teaching practices and the promotion of achievement and adjustment in first grade. Journal of School Psychology, 45(3), 269–292.

Stipek, D. J. (1996). Motivation and instruction. In D. C. Berliner & R. C. Calfee (Eds.), Handbook of Educational Psychology (pp. 85–113). New York: Macmillan.

Stipek, D. (2004). Teaching practices in kindergarten and first grade: Different strokes for different folks. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 19(4), 548–568.

Stipek, D., & Byler, P. (2004). The early childhood classroom observation measure. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 19(3), 375–397.

Contact Dr. Deborah Stipek at for cost.

Contact Information
Dr. Deborah Stipek
Stanford University School of Education
485 Lasuen Mall
Stanford, CA 94305-3096
Phone: 650-725-9090

Support Available
Contact Dr. Deborah Stipek at for information on training and reliability testing.