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Creative Teaching Framework

Evaluation Type
Classroom Observations

All Subjects

Elementary Grades only

Use of Evaluation
Used in Research

Dr. John Schacter's consultancy company can be found online at

This product was developed by John Schacter, Yeow Meng Thum, and David Zifkin.

Product Description
The Creative Teaching Framework is an observation protocol used to measure the extent to which teachers encourage student creativity in the classroom. Studies that examined results of the framework with value-added student achievement in the classroom suggest that student achievement may be higher in classrooms where teachers gave students the opportunity to be creative. This framework posits that teachers can promote student creativity by explicitly teaching creative thinking strategies, providing opportunities for choice and discovery, encouraging intrinsic motivation, establishing a learning environment conducive to creativity, and providing opportunities for imagination and fantasy.

General Target Population Information
The initial research examined the teaching practices of 48 Grade 3 teachers over the course of one school year, as measured during eight classroom observations.

Stage of Teacher Development
All Stages

This observation instrument has been used by its developer for research purposes.

Research and Resources
Schacter, J., Thum, Y. M., & Zifkin, D. (2006). How much does creative teaching enhance elementary school students' achievement? Journal of Creative Behavior, 40(1), 47–72.

The protocol was developed for research; contact the developer for additional information regarding the costs.

Contact Information
The Teaching Doctors
22 Pearce Mitchell Place
Stanford, CA 94305
Phone: 650-323-1378

Support Available
Technical support is available through the developer.