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Solutions: Success Stories and Testimonials

Improvement, sustained over time. That's the objective of every educational initiative in this country today. And that's what Learning Point Associates is all about. We provide research-based strategies and services that produce measurable results for educators and policymakers around the country. The results of our work are demonstrated time and again through the success of our clients and partners as well as the accomplishments of our staff. The following success stories and testimonials inspire us each day. We hope they will inspire you.

Success Stories


"We wish to sincerely thank you for your services as a facilitator in our Reading First subgrant competition. Your knowledge of the process and experience were invaluable to us in successfully hosting and conducting the review. We feel confident that we have been able to successfully select and fund qualified proposals, putting Wyoming in a very positive place from which to begin implementation. We wouldn't be entering this phase of Reading First with such excitement and sure steps without your recent assistance."

Sherri-lyn Harrison and Lesley Wangberg
Reading First Coordinators
Wyoming Department of Education

"Providing teachers with simple but key criteria to review materials and then giving them time and access to peruse and evaluate a collection of several promising curricula was invaluable for teachers in our state. The Curriculum Showcase was an efficient, thoughtful and professional way to engage teachers in this important step of curriculum review and adoption."

Nancy Nutting
Executive Director


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