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School Indicators, Profiles and Accountability SIG

AERA Annual Meetings 2008—Presentations

The Evolution of Accountability Reporting: Lessons Learned Over Nine Years By a State Education Agency
Mindy Crain-Dorough
Southeastern Louisiana University
Robyn Madison-Harris
Louisiana Department of Education

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Parent, Student, and Teacher Perceptions of School Climate: Investigations Across Organizational Levels
Christine DiStefano, Diane M. Monrad, R. John May, Jessalyn Smith, Jennifer Gay, Diana Mindrila, Sarah Gareau, Anita Rawls
South Carolina Educational Policy Center
College of Education
University of South Carolina – Columbia

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Diversity and Progress in School Accountability
Systems in Australia

Dr. David Gurr
The University of Melbourne

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Using Common Assessment Data to Predict High Stakes Performance: An Efficient Teacher-Referent Process
Bethany Silver, Colleen Palmer, Frances DiFiore
Capitol Region Education Council
Hartford, Connecticut

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Evolution of an Accountability System: From NCLB to World Class
E. Sidney Vaughn III, Ed.D., Consultant
Karren P. Bailey, Senior Director
Dennis Futty, Senior Coordinator

Norfolk Virginia Public Schools

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