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School Indicators Profiles SIG  Sessions/Presentations/Papers

AERA Annual Meetings
Montreal, Canada, 1999

Wednesday, April 21, 6:15-7:45, Sheraton, Salon H (Level A)

School Profiles and Indicators Membership Meeting
and Panel Discussion

SIG/School Indicators and Profiles

All AERA SIG/SIP members and others interested in school indicators, profiles, and accountability:  Please join us for this special session focusing on state accountability systems and reports.  We will be joined by a panel of state-level researchers who will discuss their recent experiences in developing and implementing accountability systems and reports.

Panel Discussion:  Education Indicators and Accountability Systems: Critical Issues in Development and Reporting--Recent Experience of States

Moderator: Rolf K. Blank, CCSSO

    Issues for Discussion:

    • Indicators and performance scores that are understandable, useful, and statistically reliable

    • Measuring progress, setting baseline and targets

    • Integrity of data, e.g., test scores

    • Special populations and accountability

    • Reporting to the public (e.g., identifying schools for improvement)

Business Meeting:

Rolf Blank, Chair
Gretchen Ridgeway, Secretary-Treasurer

  • Election of SIP Program Chair

  • Officer Reports

  • Discussion of SIG Activities

  • Refreshments and Informal Discussion

Thursday, April 22, 12:25-1:55, Marriott, Terasse Room (Plaza Level)
Measure for Measure: Varying Perspectives on How We Measure and Translate School Performance

SIG/School Indicators and Profiles;SIG/School Effectiveness and School Improvement

Chair: Lee Hoffman, National Center for Education Statistics
Discussant: Bobby Franklin, Louisiana Department of Education


Tuesday, April  20, 11:25-12:05, Hilton, Fontaine B (Level F)
Contributions to School Performance Research

SIG/School Indicators and Profiles; SIG/School Effectiveness and School Improvement


  • A School Improvement Case Study from the Louisiana School Effectiveness and Assistance Program (SEAP). Deborah S. Heroman, Sharon L. Pol, Elizabeth A. Kemper, Louisiana State University

  • Support Services to Promote Cost-Effective Schools. Es C. Steyn, Potchefstroom University, South Africa

  • Senior Project: Performance Based School Improvement Program. Mark A. Winters, Georgia Southern University

  • Effective School Organization: Multiage, Multigrade, Nongraded or Single Grade Classrooms? Barbara Nelson Pavan, Temple University

  • Indices of Community SES and Poverty: Predictors of School District Achievement. Rich Hofmann, Miami University

Thursday, April 22, 4:05-6:05, Sheraton, Salle de Bal Centre (Level 4)
Exploring the Context of School Performance and School Improvement: Multi-National Perspectives

SIG/School Indicators and Profiles

Chair: Maryann Durland
Discussant:  Jerry Bamburg, University of Washington


  • What Do You Call People with Visions? The Role of Vision and Goals in School Leadership. Philip Hallinger, Peabody College, Vanderbilt University

  • Estimating Neighborhood Effects on School Outcomes and Post-School Destinations: The Case of Northern Ireland. Peter Daly, Ian Shuttelworth, Queens University, Belfast

  • Validating a Regression Model for Predicting School Effectiveness. Amy Westbrook, Dianne L. Taylor, Eugene Kennedy, Louisiana State University

  • Student Progress in Australian Schools: A Multilevel Multivariate Model. Deidra J. Young, Curin University of Technology

  • Double Jeopardy: Being Disadvantaged in a Disadvantaged School. George Frempong, Doug Willms, University of New Brunswick

Friday, April 23, 12:25-1:55, Queen Elizabeth, St. Francois Room (Lobby Level)
Exploring the Contributions and Impact of Teachers in Creating Successful Schools

SIG/School Indicators and Profiles; SIG/School Effectiveness and School Improvement

Chair: Deidra J. Young
Discussant:  Peter Daly, Queens University, Belfast


  • Professional Development and Student Achievement: Making the Connection. Jeanie Weathersby, Georgia State University

  • Influences of Workplace Conditions on Teachers' Job Satisfaction. Xin Ma, University of Alberta; Robert B. Macmillian, St. Francis Xavier University

  • What Teachers Think About Their Schools: A Meta-Analysis. Jennie Gill, Charles Teddlie, Louisiana State University

  • Managing Incompetent Teachers. Gill Hayes, Rosemary P. Chamberun, Ted Wragg, Caroline Wragg, University of Exeter, U.K.